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Why make an event sustainable?

Every event generates an impact on the environment and the community.

Sustainability is a current issue that impacts all generations and attracts many stakeholders. Our system offers a network of suppliers and solutions that will make your event less impactful on the environment, as well as more economically inclusive and sustainable.

Our sustainable management system can be applied to any type and size of event, thanks to a flexible offer of both standard and customized packages

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Our support

Greenlance accompanies its clients through all the main stages of the event

Before the event

Desk and field analysis of the context and organisation

Definition of areas of intervention

Drawing up the project and communication plan

Research and provision of the necessary products and services

During the event

Implementation and updating of the operational plan

Management of the operational plan (field action)

After the event

Reporting on results

Support in closing phases and post-event legacy planning activities


What are the benefits?

01. Improved cost management

Through rational use of resources and better long-term planning.

02. Event data gathering

Action plan and a final report showing the sustainability data achieved.

03. Enhancing the reputation of the event

And of those who organise it, by increasing their visibility at national and international level

04. Gaining more sponsors

And investors, sensitive to sustainability issues and the benefits of its communication

05. Recognised certificate

i.e. tangible communication tools for both the public market and the private consumer

06. Participant satisfaction

Sustainability is currently one of the strongest and fastest growing market trends